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“The Weaver” Synopsis:

Holy relic, forgery, or art masterpiece?  In the 21st century, the Shroud of Turin is as much an enigma today as it was more than two centuries ago when Secondo Pia took the first photographs as it was displayed in the Cathedral of Turin.  Our modern technology has not been able to prove or disprove its authenticity.  The Weaver is the story of who might have woven the cloth and why, as well as how it might have become the very burial cloth of the man we know as Jesus, the Christ.

Sample download: The Weaver

“Westwinds” Synopsis:

“Westwinds,” adapted from my original historical fiction novel about a beautiful Chinese concubine who is married to a Mongolian prince in order to secure peace between ancient China and Mongolia.  It is based on a popular Chinese story of love, palace intrigue and the fate of two kingdoms.

Sample download: Westwinds